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If the main page looks a little funny…

…you’re probably using Internet Explorer. For some reason, the WordPress blog system and Internet Explorer seem to work together to screw things up. If we upload an image (picture, etc.), it causes there to be this huge white space at the top of the page. Readers have to scroll down several times to get to the top entry. We have a couple of suggestions: 1) download Mozilla Firefox and use this browser instead of Internet Explorer (Mozilla does not create the same kind of problem); or, 2) continue using IE and just be very patient and understanding when viewing our blog 🙂

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  1. Chrispy says:

    The IE weirdness is due to the width of some images that are on the home page. If the image is too wide to fit in the content area, it breaks the page. You can correct this by making sure the images you upload are no more than 540px wide.

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