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Calling all Folinazzos

Recently I have received comments on my Flickr pictures and Almost Italian from distant family members. This leads me to believe that there are more of you Folinazzos out there reading this blog and viewing our pictures, and we think that is wonderful! That was our main goal when we started this blog almost four years ago. Felicia and I, and the rest of our immediate family, are very proud of our heritage and of our family; we want to keep in touch with those of you whom we see all the time, and those of you we haven’t even met yet. So, since we know you’re out there, send us your stories, pictures, and ideas to share with the rest. This blog isn’t just for Felicia and me, it is for Folinazzos everywhere.

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4 responses to “Calling all Folinazzos”

  1. I think were related some how. lol!

  2. John Dodero says:

    Hi Francesca,
    My Mom was a Folinazzo from Chicago, we may be first cousins.

  3. Maurizio says:

    hello my name is maurizio i’m leave in Sambiase, i’m born in Miraglia. Bye

  4. Dr. James Ragusa says:

    Dear Francesca:

    For some time I have been working on a book on the Ragusa/Ruffino/Folinazzo families. The Folinazzos I have been researching were from Sambiase and settled in Chicago which was my hometown. My Folinazzo contact has been Josephine married to Eugene (Gene) Ruffino who live in Mount Prospect, IL. Her father was Francesco Saverio Folinazzo who passed through Ellis Island in 1910. Francesco had a brother who lived in Sanbiase and father in Chicago. There were numerous children born of his marriage in Chicago. You must be related through one of these children.

    I would be interested in knowning which part of the family you are part of, and possibly gaining more family information for the book which I am hoping to publish for family distribution sometime before Christmas. The book, however, concentrates on Ragusa and Ruffino family members, but has some genealogical information on the Folinazzos. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards,

    Jim Ragusa

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