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This d-a-m-n weather!

Why is it, every Memorial Day weekend, the weather is always rainy and cold? A three day weekend that we have to spend indoors. We might as well just go to work on Monday!

It’s Saturday afternoon and I thought I’d be able to spend some time on the roof deck today, getting some sun, and reading a book. There’s no sun in sight, it’s windy and cold, so I’m inside playing around on eBay and watching bad movies on cable. Even Vega seems depressed.

At least I’m going to be spending tonight and tomorrow with friends. That’s one advantage of having a three day weekend — more time with friends.


2 Responses to “This d-a-m-n weather!”

  1. Francesca says:

    Felicia, put the credit card down and step away from the computer. You are becoming addicted to ebay!!

  2. Flicka says:

    I admit that I have become addicted to it. But what’s wrong with selling stuff I don’t use anymore and using that money to buy stuff I want/need?

    What are you complaining about? I just bought you a brand new pair of shoes out of the kindness of my heart!!!