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Where to go and what to see in Provincetown

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

I honestly didn’t know what to expect from Provincetown.  We chose the city as the base for our Cape Cod adventure simply because it is one of the largest on the Cape.  Aside from that, all I knew prior to departure is that Provincetown is extremely vibrant and colorful, and there is a very large gay & lesbian community.  When we arrived in Provincetown, I was immediately captivated by the centuries-old homes and buildings, and by the narrow streets with no sidewalks that had to accommodate both vehicular and pedestrian traffic, for the city was planned and laid out long before automobiles were invented.  Yet, this does not seemingly impede the flow of visitors and residents within Provincetown.  Commercial Street, the center of it all, is always moving and buzzing; there is constant action.  It’s surprising how well the historic, old Provincetown meshes with the modern, new Provincetown, the latter being defined by gourmet eateries and by bars hosting drag queen karaoke.  I loved it.  The cedar shingle-sided, compact domiciles delighted the history and architecture geek in me, while the city girl in me marveled at the constant activity and vivacity of this seaside town.

The walking and people-watching opportunities are endless in Provincetown; however, there is plenty more to see, do, and taste!  Here is the list of my top 4 favorites:

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