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My travel bucket list: Everyone else is doing it so why can’t I?

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

It’s not news to anyone that I like to travel, that I plan trips months in advance.  It’s what keeps me going; I can’t help it.  Some folks think I have traveled extensively – and I have.  I’m not ungrateful for the trips I have taken; however, there is still so much of this world that I want to see!  When I think about certain trips or destinations, my thoughts are always followed up with, “Yeah, I’ll get there someday….”  But what if I don’t?  What if I run out of time?  What if life really gets in the way?  I was thinking about that the other day and it really depressed me.  It’s not the fact that I haven’t been to some places already, but that I may not get to experience them at all.  On a related note, I have been seeing a lot written lately about “bucket lists” as they pertain to travel – places that people must see before they die (or “kick the bucket”).  It got me to thinking about my own bucket list.  Do I dare compile such a list, put it in writing?  I’m afraid it’s going to be really long!  And what if I don’t make it to all these places?!  Nevertheless, here it goes:

1 – Spend at least one month in Calabria and at least one month in the area around Napoli to explore and learn about my family’s roots.

2 – Go to Bhutan.

3 – Go fly-fishing in Mongolia.

4 – Go to Argentina and visit vineyards, drink lots of malbec, listen to tango music, and just take it all in.  (Side note:  Argentina is my current travel obsession.)

5 – Return to Africa.  At the top of my list to visit in Africa are Mozambique, Ethiopia, and South Africa.

6 – See Dry Tortugas National Park

7 – Travel around Scandinavia.  I’ve been obsessed with the region, specifically Norway, since I was a young girl.

8 – Visit Isle Royale National Park.

9 – Go to Alaska, and not via cruise ship if I can help it.

10 – Western Canada, namely Banff and Vancouver.


12 – Finally make it to Glacier National Park

I think that about covers it.  Of course, all of the above will be in addition to returning to Yellowstone with my daughter and then taking her to Disney World… Oh dear, I see another list in the making.

What’s on your bucket list?

Posted by Francesca