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Sunday night

It’s almost midnight on Sunday night and I’m exhausted. But I can’t seem to pry myself away from my laptop and go to sleep. I know I will regret this in the morning when I’m cranky and moving too slowly to get to work on time.

I wanted to add something to the blog since it seems that people have lost interest in it already. That’s a shame. I was really looking forward to having this become popular. People tell me they read it and when I ask why they don’t post comments they tell me that they don’t know what to say. Well, you don’t have to be clever every time you post! Just let it rip! That’s how the best blog conversations start!

I found an adorable picture of Vega that I just have to share. Here he is in all his glory…

Looking waaaaay too comfortable…


31 Responses to “Sunday night”

  1. Sean says:

    Don’t stress Felicia…

    Time on a blog kinda goes like life…sometimes you have time for it, and others times, naught. The summer overall is a slower time online cuz people are outside enjoying the long days.

    Just keep writing as you are inspired!

    I miss you both, Mark, Soprano, Mrs. F. and Frankie. (what the hell bob- the builder as well) :-)

  2. jerC says:

    is this a chat room for everyone?
    i came across it and find it very interesting. i am not a resident of the lovely CHI town, how ever i once was and miss it. this site reminds me of the good times . specialy all the pics. some of the place like “whiskey river” was on of my favorite place to hang with my then girlfriend and her friends.

  3. Francesca says:

    jerC, welcome to our blog! Everyone is welcome to participate so please check back often & drop us a line.

  4. jerC says:

    hey, thanks for the invite. I will defentlt stop by and drop you aline.

  5. Laura says:

    hi jerC
    I used to go to Whiskey River every weekend! i still miss it. Many good times/memories there……..

  6. jerC says:

    well Laura maybe we ran into each other there before, it has been many years since i have been 8 years

  7. Flicka (Felicia) says:


    Again, welcome to our blog! How did you find

  8. jerC says:

    Thanks again for the invite. that is one good thing i rember about CHI town, must of the people were very laid back and curtious. i found your site by doing a search of Chi town, and among the 1000s , your site was i figured why not check it out.

  9. jerC says:

    anyone in here tonight?

  10. jerC says:

    anyone in here tonight?

  11. jerC says:

    Laura, why did you say you miss Whiskey River? Did you stop going there? And if so, Why?? That bar was a very cool place to hang out at.

  12. Laura says:

    Whiskey River has been closed for about 6 or 7 years now. I’m sure I wouldve continued to hang out there. I was told they just werent making any money because of all the VIP passes given out over the years…practically all the regulars got in for free and the serious dancers didn’t drink so they weren’t making a lot of money on liquor sales either. The location changed to several different kinds of clubs in the following years but the last time I drove by it was closed completely.

  13. jerC says:

    wow, that is a surprise with country music being so popular now a days.
    i had alot of fun going to wiskey rivers, with my then girl friend and
    her girl friends. spent alot of fridays and or saturdays there. they had a nice New Years bash there in (96).
    i really do miss living in CHI town, but have moved on

  14. Laura says:

    where do u live now?

  15. jerC says:

    well Laura, look at my chat name, and you tell me, where i live? jerC??
    sounds like Jersey (NJ)

  16. jerC says:

    well Laura, look at my chat name, and you tell me, where i live? jerC??
    sounds like Jersey (NJ)

  17. Laura says:

    oh yeah..i see it now..sorry..when i get home from work im usually exhausted..

  18. jerC says:

    Laura, i know what you mean, lol.
    after work i am exhausted too, i just want to come home and relax and have a nice cold glass of icetea. So have you ever been to New Jersey?
    What kinda work do you do ??

  19. Laura says:

    I’m a dispatcher for the Chicago Police Department. I’ve been to New Jersey a few times. I almost moved there actually. To Hammonton , which if my memory serves is about halfway between Philadelphia and Atlantic City.

  20. jerC says:

    You must know someone from New Jersey if you been here a few times, and almosted moved here.
    wow your a dispatcher, that must be and exciting job.
    i am in sales. i get to sit behind a desk all day and talk on the phone. oh so much fun!!!! lol, but hey it pays well .

  21. Laura says:

    I knew someone who was born and raised in Jersey..fortunately..i no longer know him. Ha Ha Ha..
    It’s a cool job I guess..pretty stressful. I usually tell people I like what I do but not who I do it for. Working for the city is frustrating because of the politics. What kind of sales are you in?

  22. jerC says:

    ok, why would make a comment like that? and laugh??? i am in sales of electronic equipment.

  23. jerC says:

    Laura what happen, that youl ost contact with that person? is that someone you would rather not be in contact with??

  24. Laura says:

    We were engaged and it didn’t end well. So yes, I’m very glad we are no longer in contact. It was a long time ago.

  25. jerC says:

    well i am really sorry to hear that. do you ever wonder about him?

  26. jerC says:

    Laura, do you think you could ever forgive him for what happen? and go on as friends? has he ever tried to reach you? what would you do if he did ever get a hold of you?

  27. Laura says:

    I forgave him so I could move on with my life. I havent had any contact with him in years and thats the way I like it. He would never try to contact me I don’t think, if he did i wouldnt respond.

  28. Laura says:

    Anyway..lets move on to a more pleasant topic!

  29. jerC says:

    ok, sorry did not mean to pry and bring up bad memories. so did you ever get married?

  30. jerC says:

    wow you must really have a hatrid toward that guy, the way talk of him.
    he must have been a real Ahole. what made you fall in love with the guy in the first place, if you can have such harsh feeling toward him, even now after all these years.

  31. jerC says:

    Laura, did i say something wrong?
    why no reply to my statement and question?