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Costa Rica trip is coming along

Mark and I are finally making some set plans for our trip to Costa Rica in January. It’s been only four months since we bought our plane tickets; it’s about time we decide where we want to go and figure out where we’re going to stay!

After much discussion and a few disagreements, we decided to spend the majority of our time in Puerto Jimenez, which is on the Osa Peninsula in southwestern Costa Rica. It seems to be the one area that offers everything we are interested in: beaches, kayaking, abundant wildlife, fishing, hiking, and panning for gold (that’s all Mark’s idea). From what I’ve learned so far, just about the entire peninsula is covered with pristine rainforest and opportunities for wildlife viewing are endless. I just have to watch out for crocodiles. We’ve reserved a “backpacker” room at The Palms Hotel (maybe it’s as nice as The Palms in Las Vegas? :-) ) in Puerto Jimenez for five nights. The total cost of our stay is going to be under $200. Can’t beat that. This “backpacker” room has hot water, air conditioning, free wifi, and a queen bed.

Once our stay in Puerto Jimenez is over, we will have about three days left before it’s time to head back home. Our plan right now, although we haven’t made any arrangements for this leg of the journey yet, is to head up to Arenal Volcano. It’s closer to San Jose, the city into and from which we are flying, and it is the country’s most active volcano. Right up Mark’s alley. We probably will rent a car, as well – a 4WD, of course. There are many undisclosed costs and a lot of fine print associated with renting a vehicle in Costa Rica, I’ve learned, so we are still doing our research. But our trip is starting to come together. I am so looking forward to it, especially now that the temperatures here in Chicago are plummeting. That tropical weather and those beaches will be paradise for me come mid-January.

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