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First shelter visit

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

My family and/or I have had at least one dog at a time over the last eighteen years, but we’ve never had to pick one out. They have all come to us. My dog now, Soprano, was a stray that we found, as was our dog before him, Poncho. Mark and I started thinking that maybe Soprano needs a companion, a playmate. We are not ones to buy dogs from breeders or pet stores so we decided to visit the Animal Welfare League of Chicago Ridge. This was my first visit to a shelter with the purpose of adopting a dog. I figured I’d be sad and have thoughts of adopting every single animal there. All of that proved to be true and Mark was not at all surprised to find me crying just minutes after we entered the viewing area. It consists of rows upon rows of cages, one and sometimes two dogs occupying each one. The tears just started rolling down my face as soon as we walked in. I had no control over it. The dogs could hear the door to the viewing area open each time someone new entered. Almost as if they had rehearsed, the opening of the door caused every single one of them to stand up, walk to the front of their cages, and cry and whine in the most pathetic way. Then they’d just sit there and watch as we walked by, staring with their pleading eyes, and I could almost hear them saying, “Pick me, pick me!” There were all kinds of dogs, from purebred Black Labs to shepherd/rottie mixes, of all ages. Mark and I decided we would prefer an older dog, as we do not have the time right now to devote to a puppy. Plus, older dogs have a much smaller chance of ever being adopted. Everyone wants a cute little puppy! We met a couple of special canines that we could see fitting in well with our family. We’re going back tomorrow so Soprano can meet them; he will have the final say.

Posted by Francesca

People are stupid

Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

For the last six months I have been writing reviews for the website Yelp. The whole premise of the site is real reviews written by real people, not by professional critics. I have written reviews of restaurants, salons, even doctors. So far I am up to eighty-seven reviews and I have gotten positive feedback for just about all of them. One review, however, has caused quite a stir. I wrote the review for this particular business six months ago and the owners just saw it last week for the first time. It was not a negative review; I gave the business three stars out of five but said the product is not as good as it used to be. Things kind of blew over until last night when I received, via the internet, two direct threats against me for the review I wrote about this business. First of all, the person who made these threats is an illiterate jackass who cannot spell and has no knowledge of the correct use of punctuation. Secondly, this person is a real tough guy (or girl) hiding behind anonymity, unlike myself and most other Yelp members who use their real names and include real pictures of themselves in their profiles. Lastly, this person is obviously affiliated with the business – maybe a family member, employee, or possibly even one of the owners – or could it possibly be coincidence that this person just happened to send these threats not long after the owners found out about the review? Hmmm… it is all quite interesting.

Do I take these threats seriously? No, of course not. But it just goes to show how stupid some people can be. I could use this blog as an outlet to totally bash this business and urge anyone and everyone never to frequent the establishment ever again. But I am better than that, above that. All I did was express my opinion and some people did not agree with me. So what do these illiterate jackasses do? Resort to imbecility because that’s the only behavior they know of. I will say, however, that if anyone does want to know which business I am speaking of – it’s just eating away at you and you won’t be able to sleep until you find out – let me know. I’m willing to tell people on an individual basis if they’re interested.

Posted by Francesca

Monday, March 19th, 2007
free glitter text and family website at Posted by Felicia

Let’s clear up a couple of things

Sunday, March 11th, 2007
Dear Uncle Lou, It was nice to see you last weekend in Mesa. Thank you for waving and posing for some photos. I need your help now in clearing up a couple of things. The first matter concerns ... [Continue reading this entry]

Ooops, Happy Anniversary to us

Saturday, March 10th, 2007
So our blog's three year anniversary came and went on March 3rd and no one noticed, myself included. The reason could very well be that I was a little excited about and preoccupied by the fact that I was ... [Continue reading this entry]

Spring Training

Wednesday, March 7th, 2007
I have a feeling this Spring Training deal is going to become an annual event for us. Felicia and I had so much fun going to the Cubs' spring training games and of course spending time with Dad. ... [Continue reading this entry]

Batting Practice

Wednesday, March 7th, 2007

Batting Practice, originally uploaded by superstarsinger.

Got ... [Continue reading this entry]

Warm and sunny weather does not suck

Saturday, March 3rd, 2007
It's still a little too chilly for me to go in the pool but the cloudless blue skies are a refreshing change. It makes up for the fact that our flight didn't land until after 2:00am, and that Felicia ... [Continue reading this entry]

Airport delays suck

Friday, March 2nd, 2007
Felicia and I are sitting in O'Hare waiting to leave for Phoenix. We have been waiting for months for this trip so we could see our Cubs in Spring Training, and so we could visit Dad. Our flight ... [Continue reading this entry]